Young people need an easier way to save money. We made a way for phones to do it for them.

Acorns is an investment app that offers passive ways to boost savings.

With the new Digital Swear Jar, Acorns will dedicate a small portion of user bank accounts to their savings every time their smartphone hears a curse word.

The more you swear, the more you save

Acorns can sync with any smart home assistant to make sure that users never miss an opportunity to save.

YouTube Pre-Roll

Spotify Ads

Spotify users will receive ads that directly reference the profanity of their most recently listened-to artists.
Example Transcript:
“If you had used Acorns’ Digital Swear Jar, singing along to Lil Dicky’s Save that Money would have deposited $12.49 in your savings account. Now, Saving dat money is as easy as swearing.

Acorns. Swear to Save.

Album Pricetags

Explicit albums will carry a button indicating how much money artists would have saved if they had used Acorns while recording their album. Users curious enough to click will be taken to an Acorns landing page.

Created with Sam Woznica

the digital swear jar

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