Nod Arceo McFall is an NYC-based Senior Art Director and Senior Designer at Superdigital.

Art Direction
Asian American Federation
Topo Chico Hard Seltzer
Burger King
Pleasure Paint
The Case for Her
Kraft Mac & Cheese

Nod Arceo McFall

Nod is a freelance Art Director in advertising hunting for his chance to pivot into the gaming industry. Currently based in Brooklyn, NY.

Enphase Energy

We were asked to announce the unveiling the latest iteration of solar panel technology by Enphase, and to make the power of the sun to appear as democratic and accessible as ever.

Working hand-in-hand with animation shop Nexus Studios, we delivered with a beautiful film,  collaborating on the styleframes, animation, styleframes, and sound design of the picture.

Created under the supervision of Paul Meates alongside my copywriting partner Gabriel Sehringer